KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex

Science is increasing in complexity and the level of expertise required to succeed is higher than ever. KISS specialises in adapting this complexity into campaigns that standout in the marketplace.

We’re proud to have built up a strong technology portfolio including The Technology Partnership (TTP), Amino Technology, Bacs, IMServ, PhixFlow, ViewRanger, SureFlap and WiSpire. With offices in the golden technology triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford, we are in a good position to support businesses, from early start-ups spinning out of Cambridge University and Oxford University, to global companies such as Microsoft.

Our integrated agency work has attracted a range of clients across the Educational and Edu-tech arena and we’ve worked with world-renowned brands such as Cambridge English, BHRU (part of the University of Cambridge), PACCS, The Babraham Institute and PraxisUnico.

Our Services

At KISS, we demystify and bring clarity to your strategy. We help you define, focus and position your brand. We break down the process into manageable steps. We provide the tools you need to rediscover the strategy at the core of your brand and tell your story successfully.

We have 5 years of expertise facilitating strategy workshops across diverse sectors including Life Sciences, Education, Professional Services, Healthcare, Technology, Support Services and Consumer Goods.

We research, question and experience every advertising brief we receive from our clients. With child-like inquisitiveness, we delve until we find the simple, compelling ideas behind it. This insight fuels simple, single minded big-ideas across audiences.

We know the importance of creating a brand that accurately personifies your business proposition.

At KISS, we help you discover the essence and personality of your brand through a concise brand articulation workshop. Then, our team of designers and copywriters work with you to create an identity and tone of voice that will remind your stakeholders of precisely what you stand for. We ensure that your identity is consistent, wherever it is experienced. We are the guardians of our brand image.

Our strategic approach blends analytic knowhow and creative flair to help clients define their digital marketing strategy. Once we clarify their digital landscape, identifying users and goals, our experienced team can design and build websites that answer the objectives of the brief.

With a considered digital strategy in place, we then deliver coherent, on brand, targeted communications across social media, email and other digital marketing activity, maximising performance through analysis and SEO.

Through a combination of workshops and message-alignment, we help our clients find their interesting story, develop newsworthy angles and excel at media engagement.

Our PR team is a group of experienced people who know the most compelling way to tell an interesting story. To the right people. Using the right channels.
For example, we can get our clients regarded as thought leaders in their field by associating them with well-considered industry issues, news-jacking, or predictions. Additionally, we help clients prepare for crises by helping them identify and train for potential risks and issues that could have an impact on the perception of their brand.



We partner with PROI agencies around the globe, providing UK support to international projects or using our network to gain insight or pull in global expertise.